Wind Power Solutions

We can provide you with a wind turbine energy system customized to your specific requirements.
Small scale (12v 24v) wind generators are the perfect compliment to off-grid solar pv systems. 
Wind generators or turbines require wide open, exposed areas so that they get a smooth, laminar flow of air. High rise or forested sites are not suitable.
Special low wind turbines are available for use on boats and motorhomes. Land-based turbines often use a furling mechanism for protection from storm force winds.
Due to the immense number of revolutions completed during the life of a wind turbine, the build quality is crutial! We only supply wind tubines with a proven manufacturer. All of our turbines use proven reliable designs that have worked for years.

So again here as per the solar panel section we are looking at what the Chinese sell and what they rate it at! Remember that here ay SES we actually use and test these products in a day to day lifestyle thats why we can pass the information on to our customers! 

Again, this is a £150 cheap Chinese 300w wind turbine, on the day there was a steady 25mph wind (i know the blades look stationary but they really arent) with gusts up to 30mph, this was bought off a reputable seller on Ebay, heres the seller spec!

Turbine Specification

Generator type: Brushless Three Phase AC

High performance Neodymium magnets

Rated Power: 300W at 11 Metres a Second
Maximum Power 325W at 13 Metres a Second
Rated Voltage: 12V
Start Up Wind Speed: 3 M/S
Cut In Wind Speed: 4 M/S
Maximum RPM: 500
Slip Ring to prevent cable twist

Blade Diameter: 1.2 Metres

Weight: Approximately 8kgs

Wind Charge Controller



Rated Battery Voltage


Rated Wind Turbine Power. Up to


Wind Turbine Braking Voltage


Wind Turbine Recover Voltage


Display Mode


Ambient Temperature


Dimensions (L x W x H)


Quiescent Current

≤20 mA

IP Protection Level


So 13m/s is actually 30mph which on the day i was getting easily! but absolutley no where near the results it should have got? Why, well mainly because its cheap and nasty! Ive since stripped the unit and found the windings to be very inferior, along with a very poor contact system and worse of all a 3phase to 12v reg which needed throwing in the bin! So the age old saying spend a bit more and get a quality item! iSTA supply us now with mini and full size turbines that do exactly what we say they do! Proof as the say is in the pudding and i will be making another video shorty with the new i500 iSTA turbine

If you went through the planning steps to evaluate whether a small wind electric system will work at your location, you will already have a general idea about:

  • The amount of wind at your site
  • The zoning requirements and covenants in your area
  • The economics, payback, and incentives of installing a wind system at your site.

Now, it is time to look at the issues associated with installing the wind system:

  • Siting -- or finding the best location -- for your system
  • Estimating the system’s annual energy output and choosing the correct size turbine and tower
  • Deciding whether to connect the system to the electric grid or not. (homes)