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Affordable Energy Solution for Your Motorhome Caravan or Boat

We are a  UK solar panel maunfacturer and now a main dealer for iSTA wind tubines with full spares backup and country wide fitting and servicing available! Our UK made solar panels consistently deliver better energy & long-term reliability than any other in the same class. We understand because we use our panels ourselves! so we take the time to listen to you the customer and figure out an efficient solution that really works for you!
We have chosen iSTA wind turbines for the very same reason, proven results, quality of build and longevity of use! Again we will cover all repairs and spares needed along with country wide fitting and servicing!

Off-the-grid living 20 years ago was almost unheard of, solar panels were expensive to make and expensive to buy! But now in 2020 we can afford to change the way we not only think, but live! From canal cruisers to Med sailing yatchs to the family motorhome or caravan, power is readily available and easily affordable! Solar energy is free and for most countries in abundance so why not use what nature provided, its safe, clean and green!